Investment Opportunities in Mining Tanzania

Mining and quarrying was worth USD 2.96 billion in 2018.

Coal, copper, diamonds, gold, nickel, cobalt, silver, uranium, and the Tanzanite gemstone, which is found nowhere in the world other than Tanzania.

Tanzania's mineral resources

Tanzania Mining industry is highly important since it accounts for a significant share of the country’s export revenues.

Minerals export USD 1.37bn 2015

Minerals export accounted for USD 1.37bn of the total value of Tanzania’s export in 2015 (i.e. 24%) with gold representing more than 90% of minerals export.

GOLD comprised 90% of minerals export.

55t production per year.

182.1 million tonnes of Uranium ore grading 0.025%

Mkuju River Mine is only one of the uranium reserves in Tanzania.

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Besides a few major companies, this sector contains several medium scale companies and a cluster of small-scale mining companies with potential scope for foreign investors.

Most of these resources are being exported in their raw form without being processed.

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Processing precious metals and gemstones

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Caustic soda, Engaruka. Iron ore and steel in Liganga. Nickel processing Kabanga. Uranium in Mkuju. Minerals smelters

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Uranium Extraction

Over 25 businesses are exploring uranium in the country’s diverse geological environments.


Tanzania has a variety of gemstones, including aquamarine, garnet, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline and tanzanite.

Nickel Sulfide Deposits

Kabanga deposit is acknowledged to be one of the largest and richest undeveloped nickel sulfide deposits known at present, of unmatched scale and grade.